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Gbemi Giwa: Let’s do it together

Blogger and trainer, Gbemi Giwa is known for her incredible energy. She’s a master at choreographing great partner workouts on her Instagram feed and throwing some pretty impressive dance moves at Afrofit, her high intensity African dance classes.

“Movement creates energy and I’m so excited to start feeling the vibe of a city that moves.” She says.  “Dubai Fitness Challenge is going to make us happier, energised and healthier. And 30 minutes everyday? Come on, anyone can spare that.”

Fitness inspiration

At just 24-years-old, her list of accolades is longer than most people three times her age.

She’s on the cover of both Women’s Health and Emirates Woman in October, she’s just launched the delicious Catfish; an African-inspired restaurant focused on healing foods, and is co-founder of food consultancy Gbemi’s Kitchen.

Having lived in Dubai for over eight years, Gbemi moved here at the age of 16 to study Design Management, she is very gracious in attributing her successes to the Emirate: “Dubai has shaped my life to what it is today,” explains Gbemi.

“I’ve had amazing opportunities to build my brand, network and business at a pace and scale I wouldn’t have access to anywhere else in the world. Living here, has helped me think wider and bigger, and it keeps pushing me to work harder because I know anything is possible. I mean just look around you.”

Anyone can do it

She promises to to bring her vibrant and positive attitude to Dubai Fitness Challenge.

“DFC is a brilliant initiative and I’m honoured to be a part of it,” says Gbemi. “Knowing that the entire community is involved creates a sense of belonging. If she can do it, so can I. Let’s do it together!”

Gbemi answers our quick-fire questions: 

Cardio or weights? Weights
Big breakfast or big dinner? Big breakfast
Long run or quick sprints? Quick sprints
Favourite food? Jollof Rice from Catfish
Favourite exercise or sport? CrossFit
Favourite part of Dubai? Jumeirah
Tell us one thing we might not know about you? I’m shy
What are you most grateful for? My energy
One thing you couldn’t live without: My laptop
One line to motivate people: You get one life, make it count
Why should people be part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge? Because it’s awesome, oh and free!

Follow Gbemi on Instagram @gbemigiwa

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