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Nicolas St-Maurice: Go out there and get it

When Nic’s family moved from Canada to the U.S, he was just a 12-year-old kid, who didn’t have any friends, and didn’t speak a word of English. But all that changed when his mother encouraged him to join the track team. Around the same time, Nic found some free weights that a neighbour had thrown out and decided to start lifting. These two events would lead to Nic competing in the US National Championships as a sprinter.

You need to work hard

“When you’re fit, you develop a higher self-esteem because you know what you’re physically capable of.” Nic says about turning around his fortunes. “This also makes you understand that with effort and hard work, you can reach your goals.”

And his list of achievements has only grown since he moved to Dubai six years ago. Coach Nic, as he’s known by his 21.8K followers on Instagram, is a Men’s Health cover model, Under Armour ambassador and founder of The Physical Training Company. He’s also the Dubai-based coach for a number of international footballers that include Real Madrid and France National team striker Karim Benzema.

Set realistic goals

Nic, 30, who has just recovered from a race injury that left him pulling both hamstrings and his shoulder, says the route to success is slow and steady:

“The key is to set small, realistic and attainable goals that you can measure, he explains. “It could be a trip coming up, or beach season coming soon, or a race happening in a month. The most crucial part is to get past the first two or three weeks. Keep your head down and trust the process, and you will see results which will motivate you to keep going.”

And Nic believes that the Dubai Fitness Challenge is a great way to kickstart this process: “I think it’s a great initiative which is needed here since people don’t normally walk too much to get to places, so it’s easy to get lazy and become unhealthy. I’m extremely proud and excited to be part of this campaign for the second year.”

Coach Nic answers our quick-fire questions:

Cardio or weights? Weights
Big breakfast or big dinner? Both
Long run or quick sprints? Sprints
Favourite food? Burgers, pizzas, ice cream
Favourite exercise or sport? Sprints
Favourite part of Dubai? The beach
Tell us one thing we might not know about you? I’m so scared of bees I run away.
What are you most grateful for? My wife, my family and my friends
One thing you couldn’t live without: Free weights
One line to motivate people: No one is going to do it for you, so if you want something, go out there and get it!
Why should people be part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge? It will be a great, fun way to be active and try new things

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