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How To Choose Workout Shoes

Key tips from NMC on buying the right pair

Have you decided to take up a sport? If so, welcome to being on the path to a healthier lifestyle! You can now go about buying comfortable clothes, headbands, wrist bands, bottles, and, of course, shoes. Shoes are an integral part of any sport and using the right shoes can reduce the chance of injury. 

When buying shoes, there are some important tips to remember. Buy shoes at the end of the day, because your feet may swell after daily activities. You should also choose shoes particular to your sport, such as running shoes if you regularly run more than 4-5 miles per day, walking shoes for regular walking, court shoes for tennis and basketball or cleats for football.

Make sure to choose shoes with a good fit – there should be around 1cm space in front of the big toe, and the back of the shoe should grip the heel adequately. You should also choose shoes according to your foot type. If you have a high arch, you have a supinator foot type which requires ‘neutral’ shoes. If you arch collapses when running, you have a pronator foot type which requires ‘stability’ shoes. If you have flat feet – or severe pronators – you need ‘motion control’ shoes.

Also, remember to replace your sports shoes regularly. Even though they may not be damaged from the outside, cushioning from the inside may wear off after sustained use. An easy way to determine this is to divide 75,000 by your weight in pounds to give an estimate of the number of miles before changing the shoe. For example, if your weight is 150, then change shoes after 500 miles.

Happy running!


Article by NMC