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How Healthcare Brands Got Involved With Dubai Fitness Challenge

Supplement your fitness with a wellness boost

Working towards a healthier lifestyle goes beyond staying active, and Dubai Fitness Challenge knows that. Many healthcare and food industry leaders in the city have joined hands with the initiative to optimise your 30×30 with a wholesome dose of deals on wellness, medical treatments, healthy bites and more. Let’s hear from some of the brands who got involved in the challenge. Also, use this guide to get a feel for the fantastic offers on hand and get them while they are still available!


A healthy round-up of offers


Medical services

Hospitals and clinics are being great sports during the Dubai Fitness Challenge, by treating participants to heavily discounted consultations, medical services and more. NMC Specialty Hospital has several deals at many of its branches, such as a sale on dental procedures, standard and comprehensive check-ups and check-ups for women. In October, the hospital even made its genetics test available for AED500 less. 


Meanwhile, Right Health is giving those who are health-conscious free access to blood sugar, blood pressure and body mass index (BMI) tests. For up to 30% off across services like flu vaccinations, dental cleaning, vitamin D screenings and mammograms, visit Emirates Hospital Clinic at the Conrad Hotel.


Other facilities providing medical deals include Canadian Hospital, Mediclinic and Emirates Speciality Hospital.


Wellness and beauty

Every now and then, taking time out to focus on self-care and pampering does wonders for your mood, confidence and the willingness to work towards optimising overall wellbeing. 7 Dimensions Medical Centre goes right to the basics, with 50% off its rejuvenating HydraFacial. For non-surgical treatments, take advantage of the 20% discount at CosmeSurge, a centre that offers procedures for skin, hair, teeth, slimming and more. Want to try out an alternative treatment? Save 30% on a whole-body cryotherapy or Himalayan salt therapy session at UCRYO.


Other facilities involved in providing wellness promotions for Dubai Fitness Challenge include Dubai Herbal & Treatment Centre and Zabeel Ladies Club.


Food and healthy bites

Eating right is the most important aspect of maintaining long-term fitness and wellness goals. If you’ve been keeping on track with your 30×30 in Dubai, you’ve probably come across – and prepared – some of the light and delicious recipes whipped up by Hello Chef for Dubai Fitness Challenge. Slim’n Lite Health and Diet Food Center chipped in too with amazing deals, including 30% off the lunch menu package, 50% off a dietary consultation, 10% off on food intolerance tests and more. For those who love to sample wholesome bites around the city, Zomato joined in by offering 25% off the Zomato Gold membership. 


Supermarkets and Food & Beverage (F&B) brands have joined in the fitness fun as well, including Spinneys, Waitrose, Carrefour and Barakat.


Supplements and nutrition

Those on the road to better health and those keen on building muscle know how beneficial nutritional supplements can be to their endeavours. During Dubai Fitness Challenge, you can have your pick among the multi-offers at supplement retailer Dr. Nutrition, including buy-one-get-one-free deals on the Natural Factors brand as well as 25% off weight loss and weight gain packages. A reputed name for dietary and sports supplements and herbal remedies, Good Health Nutrition also has fantastic buy-one-get-one-free offers on select brands. 


Other stores involved in nutritional and wellness deals include Supercare Pharmacy and BinSina Pharmacy.


A few inspiring words



“The happiness of our employees is one of our number one priorities, and health – which includes mental and emotional as well as physical health – is a key part of that. We encourage ‘Zomans’ to be active on a regular basis through sporting clubs and events. Dubai Fitness Challenge is the perfect opportunity to take this to the next level. It’s a great way to motivate each other to stay committed through friendly competition – we even arranged a raffle prize draw for all employees who took part. We kicked it off with a plank challenge and were blown away by the results. Not only did more than a third of our office take part, but the numbers were impressive, with the winner holding a plank for six minutes! This initiative has brought us closer together and has unearthed new passions in some while inspiring others to keep this up long after the challenge is over.” 

—Yi-Hwa Hanna, Regional Managing Editor and Ghazi Al-Yaman, Marketing Associate, Zomato


Hello Chef

“The Dubai Fitness Challenge transformed the lifestyles of some of our team members. Exercise became a daily regimen in their lives as they desired to be number one on the app’s digital leaderboard. A huge thank you to all the organising teams for a fun and purposeful initiative.”

—Olivia Manner, Founder, Hello Chef



“Eat Well, Live Well is more than a line we use at Spinneys. It’s a lifestyle we try to bring in throughout the organisation, from our customers to our colleagues. The Dubai Fitness Challenge is a fantastic way to encourage a more active lifestyle within our organisation.”

—Karolina Taterra, Events & Customer Care Manager, Spinneys