Do you have the grit and endurance to win?

Nov 15 - Nov 15 09:00

If you are eager to tackle obstacles with a can-do attitude and have what it takes to be an Under Armour sponsored athlete, this competition is for you. The one-day event at Kite Beach Fitness Village consists of obstacles, weighted carries, sprinting, rope climbs and more. A routine crafted by gym KO8 in partnership with Under Armour, it is designed to test physical and mental strength, speed, mobility, muscular endurance and cardio. Contestants battle it out to win first, second and third places in both male and female categories. These athletes will be rewarded with three, six or 12 months of sponsorships, based on their winning placements.

The event is open to all aged 18 and older, from beginners to dedicated fitness enthusiasts. Spectators can enter the sporting zone for free – come and show your support for the competitors! If you are all geared up to participate, register before 12 November and pick up your backpack, t-shirt and cap at select Under Armour stores.

What to Bring

  • Water Bottle
  • Mobile Phone with Dubai Fitness App