Explore Dubai’s first net-zero energy city on foot

Nov 6 - Nov 6 18:00 - 19:00

Explore one of the happiest communities in Dubai during a sunset run at the Wild Workout. Participants will take on a 3.8km jog through the fresh air and lush greenery of The Sustainable City – a refreshing way to clock in your time for the Fitness Challenge. 

The Sustainable City, Dubai’s first net-zero energy city, is an awe-inspiring district with two ponds of recycled water, wildlife, a solar car park and farm. Explore its landscaped regions and dive into the heart of this celebrated locale during the run. 

The Wild Workout is part of the Connect with Nature initiative, which invites all to unleash their curiosity and develop new skills to drive positive change in their communities.


What to Bring

  • Running gear
  • Hat
  • Water
  • Mobile phone with the Dubai Fitness App
  • Money
  • Sunscreen