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Deskersize Infographic

Arm Rotations

Bring your arms to the side and make large,
Bring your arms up and out to your sides then circular movements forwards and backwards. Do
up above your head. Then back down to your this for 30 seconds each way.
sides and repeat for 30 seconds.

Arm Raises

Chest Expansions

Put your hands out in front of you with palms.
Stand with legs shoulder-width apart with facing in, slowly open out the arms and reach
hands firmly against a wall.

Leg Swings

Swing one leg back back pushing the chest forward. Brings arms
and forth across the front of the body for 30 back to start position and repeat for 30 seconds.
seconds and then swap legs.


Do ten slow squats using good technique: pushing back into the heels and not letting your knees fall forward over your toes.

The Nine-To-Five Tricep Dips Get those arms working without leaving your desk

Find a sturdy chair, without
With secure hands, lower wheels and at a comfortable
yourself down so that your height. Have a seat on the chair,
elbows are at a 90 degree angle, and place your hands behind
and back up again until your your hips on the seat,
arms are straight. Try not to shoulder-width apart.
use your legs to push.

The Meeting Room Calf Raises Strengthen those leg muscles while standing around

Find a wall nearby and place
Lift your heels up until all your body
Repeat 10 to 20 times. To make your hands firmly against it,
weight is on the balls of your feet,
more challenging do not use a with your body upright.
and then lower the body again.
wall for support.

The Coffee Break Wall Sit Sneak in a full body exercise while the kettle boils

Place your back against a It should look like you’re wall, and slide down until
sitting on an imaginary chair. your knees are at a 90
Hold this position firmly for degree angle.
20 to 30 seconds.

Keep on Moving…

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Repeat three to five times, increasing the time in the seated position if you can.
Lift glutes off the seat so they hang off the edge, keeping knees bent. Make sure your arms are carrying your weight.